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A Day in the Week of an Employee – What a Wednesday! (Day 3)

As one of America’s top motivational speakers Denis Waitley rightly said, “Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.”   Although surprises can sometimes be frustrating, the trick for Project Managers is…

A Day in the Week of an Employee – Tough Guy Tuesday (Day 2)

While Monday can be considered as the beginning of an action movie, Tuesday is that feeling of nerve gripping climax slowly treading its way to you. Our protagonist Mohit has already dodged a bullet by…

A Day in the Week of an Employee – The Monday Blues (Day 1)

For Project Managers, no two days are the same. Scheduling calls with clients, hosting team meetings, planning development discussions, resolving issues, and performance evaluations require a lot of energy and confidence. To give you a…

A Day in the Week of an Employee – Meet the Person

Let us put our right side creative brain into play. Imagine a glossy glass building with various floors. While you take a walk inside, on every floor you see cubicles and tables with computer systems…