Piloting your way to Program Success

What does it take to run a good pilot?

Clear Objectives with Measurable Outcomes

Define specific learning objectives for the pilot & establish measurable outcomes to gauge success.

If your focus is smooth participant experience, your measure can be to see – how many support tickets get raised or how many participants report an issue.

Targeted Participant Selection

Who should you include in your pilot?
Select a diverse group of participants representing different demographics which align with your goals. i.e. involving HR and IT both ensures tech requirements plus organizational goals are met.

In running a large-scale program across locations, having participants from different locations can help mitigate location-specific technology challenges (specific firewalls etc). If the goal is program relevance & effectiveness, including someone from the previous batch can help gauge the overall success of the program.

Continuous Feedback & Real-time Adjustments

Conduct multiple pilots simultaneously with different goals. Incorporate continuous feedback on content, participant experience & technology challenges & so on. Once you have feedback, don’t wait to implement it all in the final program. Adjust or modify elements in real-time & assess their impact on feedback givers & other participants.

Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment

Include HRBPs or business heads in the pilot, if they see the value of the program & have experienced it themselves, they will in turn become champions when the program is run for the larger audience. Transparently communicate the pilot’s purpose, goals & expectations to align everyone & maximize the program’s impact.

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