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Infographic showing the Distribution of Middle Managers across Key Competencies basis their 360 Feedback Scores. This is to determine how are Middle Managers perceived by their Stakeholders on different Competencies.

Amidst today’s dynamic work landscape, organisations want to be flatter, faster and leaner. Middle managers are expected to operate in this context, facing immense pressure to drive success.

We analyzed 360 feedback reports of 3000+ Middle Managers across 80+ organizations across industries to understand their operating and developmental context better. Explore our findings here.

Bar graph illustrating the percentage of first-time managers in India having managerial, technical/functional, pure challenge, balance/lifestyle integration as their top 3 career anchors

Leading isn’t a universal aspiration. Here’s our quick take on understanding career motivators & drivers of new managers in India.

Bar chart showcasing percentage of first-time managers showcasing high and low orientation on personality traits such as risk-taking, creative, optimism, inquisitve

Explore more insights here on why investing in first-level managers is critical to drive the change and innovation agenda in organizations.

Infographic displaying distribution of high-potential managers across competencies, highlighting areas of development and strength. How to design effective development programs for hipots

Explore our insights here to determine the key themes that should take precedence when designing effective high-potential development programs.

Think Talent’s Annual Publication

Explore the Latest Trends in Learning & Talent Management

Snapshots 2024
Readying your Talent Practices for a Digital World
Snapshots 2024 - Think Talent's annual publication - lying on a wooden table, accompanied by a smartphone web version of Snapshots. The magazine explores the latest trends in learning and talent management, focusing on readying your talent practices for a digital world.

Client Stories

Top-down view of professionals at a round table meeting, representing digital transformation of a 360 degree feedback process for a leading Life Insurance company

Read about our work with a leading Life Insurance company to transform their traditional 360° feedback process to a more digital-first approach using our proprietary platform.

Four young professionals collaborating over a document in a modern office space, symbolizing contemporary leadership development for next-gen leaders in partnership for a Global Energy Leader

Here’s how we partnered with a Global Energy Leader to help the next-gen leaders with a hyper-personalized learning experience since 2015. Read more for some valuable insights.

Two professionals analyzing charts and data, representing the contemporary approach to multi-layered assessments in collaboration with leading multinationals

Read more about how we collaborated with two Leading Multinationals to optimize efforts, rethink the big picture & reinvent their multi-layered assessment landscape.

Multimedia & Features

Think Talent Podcast: Season 1 - Reimagining Managerial Capability

Delve deeper into different aspects of managerial capability & how organizations should rethink about it in their context.

Think Talent Podcast: Season 2 - Going Virtual with Learning Interventions and Learning Programs

Season 2 | Podcasts​

Discover how companies & HR practitioners are thinking about the various aspects of taking learning interventions into virtual mode.

Think Talent Podcast: Season 3 - Diverse Industry Perspectives on Talent Assessments for the Future

Season 3 | Podcasts​

Revisit the talent assessment scenario & how can companies & HR practitioners implement and deliver future-ready assessments.

Shots with TT - Talent Management Conversations with Industry HR Leaders

Shots with TT

A series of short video conversations with industry experts, where we delve into various aspects of talent management across industry segments.

Connecting the Dots: Talent Management Webinar Series by Think Talent

Connecting the Dots

A series of webinars, where we delve into various aspects of talent management across industry segments, led by expert practitioners.

Das Kahaniyaan: Inspiring Tales of Talent and Passion by Think Talent - Celebrating Talent and Inspiring Stories from India

Das Kahaniyaan

This series explores how folks from different walks of life nurtured their passion to make a difference. Join us in celebrating Talent and get inspired by their stories.

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