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No awards. No events. Designed to provide Organizations with detailed insights into their engagement levels and drivers and how these compare to the market.

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Improve your employee engagement & retention using analytics & insights through a
scientifically designed solution backed by Think Talent’s deep expertise & credibility.

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Our Expertise & Credibility

Leverage our deep expertise and extensive experience of working with 100s of top companies in the area of talent engagement and development.

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Benchmark with Market

Benchmark with peer organizations across sectors to gain deeper insights from your survey analytics. Get access to success stories and best practices.

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Go Digital

Provide your employees and leaders a seamless digital experience by leveraging our state-of-the-art digital platform and dashboards.

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Extensive Support

Whether it is a technical problem for an employee or a question regarding analytics dashboard, you can rely on our support team at all stages of the Survey process.

The science behind the Survey

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The way Organizations and research studies define employee engagement differ widely. Our research based framework for employee engagement focuses on both the heart (the emotional commitment) and the mind (the rational commitment). The Questionnaire also collects feedback on the most critical drivers of engagement – Individual level factors like Role, Team environment & Direct Manager as well as Organizational level factors like Culture, People Processes and Leadership.

The Questionnaire has been crafted by our team of experts and all of these statements in the Questionnaire have been validated across 100s of engagement survey deployments in client organizations across industry sectors.

What will Organizations receive?

The solution package has been designed to include everything that an Organization may need to successfully deploy the Survey and conduct post-survey action planning.

Seamless & Optimized Interface
Seamless & Optimized Interface

Online Survey using the Think Talent digital platform & standard questionnaire. Accessible on any smartphone or laptop.

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Comprehensive Dashboard
Comprehensive Dashboard

Online dashboard providing detailed analysis of employee responses & benchmarking data from all other participating organizations.

Communication Collaterals
Communication Collaterals

Library of collaterals including posters, FAQs & Orientation Session decks to support internal communication regarding the Survey process.

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Post-Survey Masterclass
Post-Survey Masterclass

Post-Survey Action planning masterclass conducted by experts to guide HR teams & business leaders on how to leverage the survey analytics to identify & drive actions for improvement.

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Once you confirm your participation, you can deploy the Survey within the Organization as quickly as within 7-10 days.

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