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Assessment Expertise

Our expertise in consulting and designing assessments has helped us customize solutions for hundreds of client organizations.

Technology Systems & Processes

Our digital platforms facilitate seamless virtual delivery of the entire assessment process, including participant & client team experiences.

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Our in-house Operations teams ensure timely delivery of program management and technical support services to clients.

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Assessment Solutions for all Stages of the Talent Lifecycle

Plug in our virtually delivered assessments into your hiring process to enable hiring managers with more detailed profiles of candidates at all levels.

Make your internal promotion processes more rigorous & fair by requiring employees nominated for promotion to go through online assessments.

Identify top talent in the organization & provide them detailed developmental feedback using our virtual assessment centers.

Implement the Contemporary Approach to

Multi-Layered Assessments

  • Do you decide on role fitment only based on performance history and recommendations?
  • How can you ensure that you are “knowing” the participant properly before making a final decision?
  • How can you achieve a more objective, bias-free approach to assessing talent?

Click below to learn how we partnered with leading multinationals in the Pharma & BFSI sectors to transform their assessment landscape using the contemporary approach to multi-layered assessments.

Assessment Case study

Transform the way
your Talent experiences Assessments

With user-friendly interfaces & state-of-the-art technology, our platform provides a intuitive & immersive assessment experience for candidates at any level of the organization.

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Our Comprehensive Library of Exercises & Content
ensures Relevance & Rigor in our Solutions

All the exercises in our library can be delivered virtually using our digital platform.

Cognitive Ability Test

Test cognitive abilities through MCQs (numerical, analytical, or language-based)

Situational Judgement Test

Assess various capabilities through situation-based questions with weighted options

Automated In-Basket

Evaluate planning & decision-making skills through MCQs based on a hypothetical person’s inbox

Knowledge Quiz

Gauge knowledge on various areas through MCQs (functional, digital awareness, etc.)


Evaluate planning & decision-making skills through email reverts of the participant basis a hypothetical person’s inbox

Case Study

Assess strategic orientation of a participant as they respond to questions on a hypothetical organisation's case

Digital Presentation

Review solutioning & communication ability of a participant as they answer questions by recording own video response


Assess skills of participants by asking them to complete & upload assignments in Excel/PPT/Video format

Behavioural Event Interview

Get insights into competencies of a participant through structured interview by an experienced interviewer


Assess communication skills of participants basis script-based roleplay with an experienced assessor

Case Presentation

Get insights into leadership capabilities of a participant as they present own views on a hypothetical case to an assessor

Group discussion

Assess collaboration & other skills as participants try to solve a problem while discussing as a group

TTPI Profile Snapshot

Get sten scores on 20 personality subtraits - used as a collateral for coaching & development centres

TTPI Clusters

See subtraits combined in meaningful clusters - allows to draw deeper insights more easily

TTPI Role Fitment

Get fitment profile for variety of roles - Fitment score basis whether participant has the key subtraits required to excel in that role

Career Anchor

Find out the top three career anchors of a participant out of nine anchors - relevant for career conversation and appraisal discussions

Assess Talent with Ease & Precision

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Virtual Development Center


Ensure an inclusive experience for participants through no-copy, image-based proctoring

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Derive deeper development insights through individual & group-level analytics

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Seamless integration into Hiring Process, LMS, IDP & Learning Journeys

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Drive large-scale assessment centres (10K+ participants) for promotion & development

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