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The CPG & Retail sector grapples with retaining skilled talent and continuously engaging and
motivating them to upskill and fostering long-term employee development.

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Assessment Centres for Hiring,
Promotions, and Development Planning

Our organization specializes in delivering assessment centers tailored to your company’s needs. Whether it’s identifying top talent during recruitment, facilitating promotions, or crafting individualized development plans, our assessments ensure strategic talent management aligned with your objectives.

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Managing the Masses:
Tailored Solutions for Large Employee Bases

With our expertise in talent management, we excel in providing scalable solutions for large workforces. Our tailored programs foster inclusivity, engagement, and performance excellence across diverse employee bases, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and values.

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Access to Dynamic Talent Development Programs

As leaders in talent development, we offer access to cutting-edge programs designed to unlock the potential of your workforce. In today’s fast-paced market environment, our initiatives cultivate agility, creativity, and market responsiveness, empowering your teams to thrive amidst rapid changes and drive sustained growth.

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Succession Planning for CPG&R Organizations

Our specialized services address the unique challenges of succession planning in CPG and retail sectors. By leveraging our expertise, you can develop a robust pipeline of future leaders, ensuring seamless transitions and continuity in critical sales and functional leadership roles, thereby safeguarding long-term organizational success.

Conducting an Organization-wide Sales
Team Assessment Program
for a Consumer Durables Organization

  • Conducted Assessment Centre both physically and virtually, tailored to participant levels.
  • Supported by the Think Talent Operations Team to ease HR operational burden.
  • Leveraged Think Talent digital platform for accessible program content.
  • Ensured uniformity across levels and locations.
  • Success driven by customized content aligned with client context.
  • Personalized assessments led by experienced industry assessors.
  • Provided seamless, engaging experience fostering continuous participant engagement.
  • Delivered over 400 Sales Assessments in both physical and virtual formats within 1 month.

400+ Sales Assessments | Physical and Virtual | Delivered in 1 month

Professionally dressed man conducts organization-wide sales team assessment program, showcasing Think Talent's seamless digital platform
First-time Manager program implementation with comprehensive assessments, 360-degree feedback and personalized development for FMCG MNC

Conducting FTM program with a pre program DC and post program 360 feedback survey

for a renowned FMCG MNC

  • Orchestrated pre-assessment, group debrief, and comprehensive group reports for actionable insights.
  • Delivered dynamic self-study and guided sessions, spanning two immersive days ofin person pre and post program workshops and virtual interactive sessions during the 3 month timeline.
  • Customized traditional workshops and personalized one-on-one IDP sessions, leveraging DC and personality inventory reports for targeted development.
  • Executed thorough 360 surveys for holistic feedback and growth opportunities.
  • Empowered participants and assessors with a seamless experience on the Think Talent digital Platform, offering robust support throughout.
  • Empowered participants to track, evaluate, and refine their goals and progress on the IDP Platform.
  • Offered impactful one-on-one IDP sessions to drive individual growth and development.
  • Leveraged learning agility metrics to inform strategic decisions and drive impactful development outcomes.
  • Leveraged a hybrid approach and expert program management to maximize effectiveness.
  • Overcame stringent logistical, security, and budgetary constraints with precision and finesse.

Conducting Virtual Hi-Impact FTM Program
for an MNC dealing in the Vision Care Segment

  • Our client in the Vision Care segment required a comprehensive program to foster the development of critical competencies in first time managers (FTM) while ensuring accessibility and engagement. We designed a high-impact, entirely virtual FTM development program specifically for them.

  • With the insights collected from Phase 1, the program was tailored for the individual’s collective strengths and areas of development, ensuring a targeted skill enhancement. Phase 2 incorporated “One Course – One Virtual Interactive Session (VIS)” to deliver a practical learning experience.

  • Participants were actively engaged in Action Learning Projects (ALPs) mentored by seasoned leaders within the organization that accelerate the development of critical leadership skills. The mentoring ends with presentations delivered directly to senior leaders, providing participants with an opportunity to gain valuable feedback and visibility.
Infographic showing key steps in the Virtual FTM Program for personalized Leadership Development

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