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Infographic with a professional advocating 360-degree feedback and with a screen showing individual development plan progress.

Crafting Scalable & Effective Learning Programs

We provide all-inclusive Learning Programs in three formats: in-person, virtual, and hybrid. Our approach seamlessly integrates learning, assessments, and development planning for maximum impact. Our learning design is based on three core principles:

  • Ease of use, understanding & assimilation by the learner

  • Practical & usable in the near future in the learner’s work context

  • Modular, allowing flexibility in learning paths
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We help in optimizing Learning for Engagement & Effectiveness

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Experience a New Level of Interactive & Personalized Learning

  • Seamless Experience
    Modern & engaging user experience accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.
  • Gamified Interface
    Bring everything together for participants through a structured & gamified interface.
  • Drive Personalization
    Enable participants to focus on the content of their interest and skip other steps.
Real-time completion tracking, intuitive dashboard, demographic analysis, and user behavior insights drive results with advanced analytics for program delivery and talent development

Drive Results with Advanced Analytics

Enhance program delivery, develop talent strategically & unlock value-added insights

  • Real-time Completion Tracking: 
    Track & monitor participants’ completion of learning & assessments through real-time dashboards & trackers.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: 
    Interact with group data & scores through demographic cuts & meaningful visualizations.
  • Demographic Analysis: 
    Identify demography-wise development needs of your talents & design more personalized initiatives.
  • User Behaviour & Engagement:
    Gain deeper insights into participants’ behaviors & engagement.

Designing a Fully Virtual First-time Manager Program

at a leading IT major company

Participant experience of Think Talent's learning platform displaying a course on "influence without authority" along with a sidebar showing the learning journey progress and additional recommended resources

Transitioning from an individual contributor to a first-time manager can be pretty challenging. 

So how do you effectively prepare your talent for a smooth transition into their first managerial role? 

Click below to read more about an IT Major who revamped its capability development program for FTMs. The key challenge was to engage a millennial audience dispersed worldwide with limited access.

4500+ FTMs | 40+ Countries | 8+ Languages

Strengthening Talent Assessment & Development
at a Leading Private Bank

Our client, one of the largest private banks in India, was looking to democratize and scale up their talent review and development process for first and second-level managers. 

Instead of focusing on a select few employees, the Bank HR team wanted to deploy a wider process covering 17k+ employees at these two levels across the organization.

We worked with the Bank HR team and other stakeholders to co-create and deliver a scalable digital-led solution combining assessments, IDP & virtual learning which could cover 17k+ participants in the same cohort.

Participant Journey

Graphic illustrating a seamless 4-step learning journey process, emphasizing inclusivity and digital engagement in a leading banking company's capability-building initiative

Developing Managerial Capability
at a General Insurance Firm​

First-level Managers (FLMs) play a critical role in improving productivity and retention of the on-the-ground workforce, esp. in distributed set-ups in the insurance industry. Designing effective development programs for FLMs requires attention to a few key considerations:

  • Relevance & Contextualization: Contextualizing content to participant context came across as a key requirement. Simpler language, industry-specific and even role-specific examples (e.g., banca vs. agency), and easy-to-use on-the-job aids proved to be great enablers for success.
  • Delivery Format: One-off workshops have not proven effective, but getting people to travel for multiple workshops is very expensive. A hybrid or virtual learning journey with multiple touchpoints in small groups came out to be a more effective solution.
  • Facilitated Conversations: Most managers were not looking for conceptual inputs. Our facilitators could engage the audience effectively by enabling conversations around on-the-ground issues and connecting concepts & skills to these issues.
Women working on a laptop highlighting effective managerial capability development at a general insurance firm
First-time Manager program implementation with comprehensive assessments, 360-degree feedback and personalized development for FMCG MNC

Conducting FTM program with a pre program DC and post program 360 feedback survey

for a renowned FMCG MNC

  • Orchestrated pre-assessment, group debrief, and comprehensive group reports for actionable insights.
  • Delivered dynamic self-study and guided sessions, spanning two immersive days ofin person pre and post program workshops and virtual interactive sessions during the 3 month timeline.
  • Customized traditional workshops and personalized one-on-one IDP sessions, leveraging DC and personality inventory reports for targeted development.
  • Executed thorough 360 surveys for holistic feedback and growth opportunities.
  • Empowered participants and assessors with a seamless experience on the Think Talent digital Platform, offering robust support throughout.
  • Empowered participants to track, evaluate, and refine their goals and progress on the IDP Platform.
  • Offered impactful one-on-one IDP sessions to drive individual growth and development.
  • Leveraged learning agility metrics to inform strategic decisions and drive impactful development outcomes.
  • Leveraged a hybrid approach and expert program management to maximize effectiveness.
  • Overcame stringent logistical, security, and budgetary constraints with precision and finesse.

Conducting Virtual Hi-Impact FTM Program
for an MNC dealing in the Vision Care Segment

  • Our client in the Vision Care segment required a comprehensive program to foster the development of critical competencies in first time managers (FTM) while ensuring accessibility and engagement. We designed a high-impact, entirely virtual FTM development program specifically for them.

  • With the insights collected from Phase 1, the program was tailored for the individual’s collective strengths and areas of development, ensuring a targeted skill enhancement. Phase 2 incorporated “One Course – One Virtual Interactive Session (VIS)” to deliver a practical learning experience.

  • Participants were actively engaged in Action Learning Projects (ALPs) mentored by seasoned leaders within the organization that accelerate the development of critical leadership skills. The mentoring ends with presentations delivered directly to senior leaders, providing participants with an opportunity to gain valuable feedback and visibility.
Infographic showing key steps in the Virtual FTM Program for personalized Leadership Development
Healthcare professional in hospital leads FLM Capability Building for ophthalmic optics company, emphasizing learner-centric design and leveraging Think Talent Platform for seamless participant experience

Enabling FLM Capability Building for an ophthalmic optics company

for hiring and promoting its manufacturing workforce

  • The program aimed at continuous engagement through learning activities, virtual master classes, post session skill practice and feedback.
  • Focus was to create a learner centric design. We combined industry specific examples, scenarios, cases a part of self- study courses and virtual master class.
  • We leveraged Think Talent Platform through out the journey. Program kicked-off with a development centre followed by modules in 2 phases i.e. Leading Self and Leading People.
  • The program was successfully concluded in 4 months. Establishing relevance and Seamless participant experience were two critical success factors.
Bar graph illustrating the percentage of first-time managers in India having managerial, technical/functional, pure challenge, balance/lifestyle integration as their top 3 career anchors

Leading isn’t a universal aspiration. Here’s our quick take on understanding career motivators & drivers of new managers in India.

Bar chart showcasing percentage of first-time managers showcasing high and low orientation on personality traits such as risk-taking, creative, optimism, inquisitve

Explore more insights here on why investing in first-level managers is critical to drive the change and innovation agenda in organizations.

Infographic displaying distribution of high-potential managers across competencies, highlighting areas of development and strength. How to design effective development programs for hipots

Explore our insights here to determine the key themes that should take precedence when designing effective high-potential development programs.

Think Talent Podcast: Season 1 - Reimagining Managerial Capability

Delve deeper into different aspects of managerial capability & how organizations should rethink about it in their context.

5 Things you may have to do Differently to Scale your Programs

Discover 5 transformative strategies, backed by real-world examples, to scale your programs effectively. From agile pilots to hyper-personalization & data-driven nudges, revolutionize your approach to learning & development.

Illustration depicting 5 transformative strategies, backed by real-world examples, to scale your programs effectively. From agile pilots to hyper-personalization & data-driven nudges, revolutionize your approach to learning & development.

Piloting your way to Program Success

Pilot your way to program success with tips on setting clear objectives with measurable outcomes, targeted participant selection, continuous feedback for real-time adjustments, and building champions who advocate for the program’s value.

How to run a successful pilot of a Learning Program or Talent Development Program?

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