5 Things to do Differently
to Scale your Programs

Five Game-changing Strategies with Real-world Examples

Run agile pilots without waiting for perfection

Don’t wait to run a perfect pilot with all the elements finalized. Conduct multiple pilots with varied goals, gathering feedback on elements like content, participant experience & technology challenges. Make real-time adjustments instead of waiting to implement it all in the final program.

Before launching a 3-month learning journey for managers at an IT major, various pilots gathered input from stakeholders like the IT team & HRBPs, refining content & experience in real-time.

Enhance participant experience with adaptable technology

Opt for an integrated, all-in-one platform minimizing the effort for employees to access & navigate program elements. Ensure the platform caters to diverse learning styles & preferences, supports various devices & includes accessibility features – allowing you to cover a wider range of participants.

A leading IT company streamlined access for a first-time manager program through a single sign-on process from their internal portal. Utilizing the Think Talent NEXT platform allowed them to include differently-abled managers.

A leader in the BFSI industry conducted a development centre. Basis employees' proficiency on various competencies, employees were assigned with personalized learning journeys focused specifically on their strengths & development areas.

Hyper-personalize by addressing "What's in it for me?"

Personalize elements such as assessment feedback, development plans & facilitated sessions. If employees don’t clearly understand what’s in it for them — i.e., if the learning content you’re providing doesn’t address a practical pain point they have, they aren’t going to engage.

Utilize data-driven nudges based on user behaviour

Utilize data insights to strategically send timely reminders & personalized content recommendations. Identify peak usage times & preferred devices to nudge users effectively.

In a private bank's development program, data revealed peak content access during employee commutes. Strategic pre-commute email reminders significantly boosted completion rates. The bank revamped the reminder process, tailoring communications based on participant behavior, such as login status & exercise completion. FOMO was also created among participants by showcasing overall completion status.

Foster stakeholder engagement & alignment

Involve HRBPs or business heads early on. By having them participate in pilots or initial batches, they can grasp the program’s value & become advocates when rolling it out to a broader audience. Incorporate their feedback & insights into pre & during program communication materials as well.

For a program covering 12k participants in 3 months, a BFSI company involved regional HRs & HRBPs early on during orientations & in pilots, enabling them to drive completion on the ground in a short period for a large set of participants.

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