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Organized learning: Why this may be a good time to reboot

Learning and HR leaders are already thinking about the challenges and how to reorganize the way they design, deliver and measure impact of L&D interventions. As we come out of the current crisis, current ways…

Encouraging learner-centric interventions will be a key ask from L&D

Reinvention is the name of the game-be it jobs or life or learning! The biggest dilemma before learning leaders today is to enable employees to learn quickly, implement that learning rapidly, and adapt constantly to…
A-Day-in-the-Week-of-an-Employee-day-5 (

A Day in the Week of an Employee – Thank God it’s Friday! (Day 5)

To be an excellent PM, one ought to be a team leader, co-worker, and supervisor at the same time. To sum up, there is artistry in being able to sail through a project. It’s one of being malleable and…

A Day in the Week of an Employee – Tricky Thursday (Day 4)

If necessity is the mother of invention then, let’s call the crisis a catalyst for change. The disruption brought by the pandemic has helped accelerate the trends making it hard to imagine life back to pre-Covid-19 physical alternatives.…
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