What to do after the 360 Feedback Survey?​

Getting in the responses and closing the survey does not mean that the Intervention is over. As the Process Owner, you need to ensure that participants go through their individual reports and are able to understand and take development action based on their reports.

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Here is a quick Checklist of Actions you may want to take after closing the surveys:

Send a thank you note to all respondents.

Generate and share individual reports with all participants as soon as possible.

Communicate a process to help participants understand the report and clarify their doubts.

Create a group analysis of the data to capture collective strengths and development areas. Share the Report with senior leaders and other stakeholders. This analysis can also be used to plan other development activities and trainings for the entire group.

Think through and jot down your own learnings from managing the entire process. What went well? What could you have done differently? What will allow you to run future projects more successfully?

Concluding Remarks

Apart from the actions related to the online platform, conducting a successfully 360-Degree feedback survey intervention requires one to work through a range of activities to set the right context, ensure sufficient participation and achieve the desired outcomes post the Survey. 

This requires careful planning and an orientation towards aligning all stakeholders and addressing their concerns and issues.

We hope this series of blogs helps you, as process owners of a 360-Degree Feedback Survey, to plan and organize your Intervention successfully.

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