Organized Learning:
Why this may be a Good Time to Reboot

A group of people collaborates around a table, suggesting the opportune moment for organized learning reboot
Businessmen discuss post-crisis learning strategies: Reflecting on HR and learning leaders reorganization efforts

Learning & HR leaders are already thinking about the challenges and how to reorganize the way they design, deliver, and measure impact of L&D interventions.

As we come out of the current crisis, current ways of organizing work will get re-defined. And so will the requirement of skills and mindsets. HR and learning managers are re-focusing on managing learning in this new scenario.

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A collaborative group of five people engaged around a laptop, highlighting the importance of Think Talent's learner-centric interventions in L&D

Reinvention is the name of the game – be it jobs or life or learning!

The biggest dilemma before learning leaders today is to enable employees to learn quickly.

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