6 Watch-outs for Talent Managers and Companies

Author:  Bimal Rath, MD & CEO, Think Talent Services

The companies of today are changing at a rapid rate. Talent managers need to be able to keep up with growing talent needs.

3 things are glaring all of us talent development professionals pretty much in the face.

The relationship between employers and employees is changing.

The nature of careers (as we saw them in the past) is changing.

The nature of how (and what) people learn is changing.

As my 19-year-old daughter told me when I was writing this, in the last three statements above “please replace ‘is changing’ to ‘has changed’.”

Diverse group of professionals collaborates around laptop in modern office setting, reflecting analysis of Competency Profiles of High-Potential Managers across industries

Here’s what I wish talent development managers would take (more) note of and build into their efforts helping both companies and talented employees succeed.

Support creation and propagation of bite-sized learning modules (not more than 20 minutes at the most) for anywhere, mobile use. Technology can help but it is more about breaking away from the traditional ways of delivering learning.

Engage people in what they love to do. Filter people to jobs by passion, interest and deep talent, not just apparent capability and competency scores. This requires real dialogue.

Co-create with employees. Every talent development process/effort must be customised based on employee preferences. The more customisation, the better the stickiness and application of the learning to value creation.

Focus on insights and wisdom when dealing with talented people, not a whole set of data analytics. Seeing and feeling an individual is still the best way of identifying talent. Too much reliance on data hides too much value in people. The best leaders have developed personal identification of talent into almost an art.

Work with the business leaders to redefine what the organisation will look like in the future. The shape and contour, and ways of working, of almost every single organisation will be very different a few years from now, and as will be their talent needs.

Learning is the new leadership. Build learning agility into every single talent pipeline creation effort. Those who cannot learn new stuff almost every day, are passé. Of course, this includes talent development professionals as well.

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