Getting Stuck with your Innovation Agenda?

Investing in your first-time managers is critical.

Modern Office Dynamics: CEOs Concerned About Long-Term Viability, Reflecting on Future Sustainability

Did you know?

40% of CEOs globally feel that their organization will no longer be economically viable in ten years if it continues on its current course.

Source: PwC's 26th Annual Global CEO Survey

Innovation & business transformation is a burning priority for organizations globally.

The first-level managers in an organization play a critical role in cascading down and executing organization-wide changes.

Five professionals in a well-lit office engaged in collaborative discussion, emphasizing the importance of innovation and business transformation globally, with first-level managers leading organizational change

But are first-level managers naturally oriented to support and drive this agenda?

To understand this, we analyzed the Personality Traits of 20,000+ Professionals
in first-level manager roles across 50+ organizations.
And this is what we discovered:

Percentage of Managers having a Low Orientation on these Traits

Bar graph depicting Personality Traits of 20,000+ Professionals in first-level manager roles across 50+ organizations
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52% of these managers considered themselves to have a low inclination for taking risks, always opting for a safe & cautious approach.

Only 13% acknowledged having an above-average appetite for risks.

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A majority, 54%, of new managers lean towards the ordinary, showing a preference for the familiar rather than embracing innovation or exploring alternatives.

Only 4% rated themselves as highly creative.


Around 60% of new managers tend to be pessimistic, always anticipating pitfalls or expecting the worst to happen.

Only 10% considered themselves to have a positive outlook towards life.


A majority of managers tend to gravitate towards the familiar, opting for tried & tested methods and generally shying away from curiosity.

Only 4% considered themselves curious, deep thinkers & open to new ideas.

Diverse professionals in bright office space collaborate around laptop, highlighting the importance of supporting new managers in driving organizational change

Now what does this mean for organizations looking to drive a change or transformation agenda?

Your managers may need more support & handholding if they were to effectively facilitate this change process. Organizations need to help their managers understand the following:

The Need & Context of Change

How to Support Myself & my Team through the Change Process

Developing Adaptability and Future Readiness of my Team


  • Data was collected via the Think Talent Personality Inventory, i.e., TTPI tool (based on the globally popular ‘Big Five Personality Theory’ by Costa and McCrae), used during multiple managerial capability development programs over a span of three years across the Indian subcontinent.

  • The tool is an online self-rated psychometric personality test & provides insights into an individual’s orientation on key workplace success factors given as a personality profile.

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