What to do after the 360 Feedback Survey?​

What to do after the 360 Feedback Survey?​ Getting in the responses and closing the survey does not mean that the Intervention is over. As the Process Owner, you need to ensure that participants go through their individual reports and

360 Feedback Surveys: Off-the-Shelf vs Customized Questionnaires

360° Feedback Surveys:Off-the-Shelf vs Customized Questionnaires The dilemma that most process owners face with a 360-feedback survey is whether to go for one of the many off-the-shelf questionnaires readily available or create a questionnaire customized to their requirements.  Most believe

5 Things to work on prior to your 360 Feedback Survey Launch

5 Things to work on prior to your 360° Feedback Survey Launch Online platforms like the one by Think Talent have made conducting 360-Degree feedback surveys much easier.  Many of the operational steps in conducting the survey – sending email reminders to

Before starting the 360-Feedback Process: Get the Context & Purpose Right

Before you start the 360-Feedback Process: Get the Context & Purpose right A well-designed 360-Degree feedback survey can definitely lead to enhancement of business and potential, but documented studies have shown that a poorly designed feedback can backfire, leading to distrust and

Introduction to 360 Feedback Surveys – Blog Series

Introduction to 360° Feedback Surveys 360° feedback surveys can be a very powerful tool to get detailed & well-rounded inputs from an employee’s seniors, peers, juniors & external stakeholders. These inputs can be about the employee’s skills & performance or

360 Portrait of Middle Managers

A 360 Portrait of Middle Managers Are your future leaders empowered to lead and drive impact? Did you know? A recent survey showed that middle managers are spending less than a third of their time on people management. Source: McKinsey

Trapped in a managerial role?

Trapped in a Managerial Role? Understanding Career Motivators & Drivers of New Managers in India We analyzed the Career Anchors of 5000+ Professionals who had recently moved into a people managerial role. Here’s what we discovered: Instead of ‘Managerial’, these

Designing Effective Development Programsfor HIPOs

Explore in-depth insights derived from analyzing Competency Profiles of 2000+ High-Potential Managers from 20+ organizations across industries. Gain valuable perspectives on managerial strengths & key trends.

Investing in First-Time Managers is Critical

Getting Stuck with your Innovation Agenda? Investing in your first-time managers is critical. Did you know? 40% of CEOs globally feel that their organization will no longer be economically viable in ten years if it continues on its current course.

A Catalyst of Change – Ayush Sarda

A Catalyst of Change with Ayush Sarda The Sundarbans, a 4,000-square-mile swampland that straddles the India-Bangladesh border, are thought to be the world’s largest continuous mangrove forest. There are about 102 islands in the area, which is connected by a

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