Guest Speakers: Sabih Kidwai, Director HR (TM & Learning) – Schneider Electric and Barttanu Das, Head HR – L&T Constructions – Heavy Civil Infrastructure

Host and Moderator: Dolon Mitra, VP-Customer Solutions, Think Talent Services

Upskilling and accelerating learning has become a growth imperative for organizations. What will be the benefit of integrating work, assessments and learning more tightly with each other and extending ownership for learning interventions beyond the HR organization? Learning by itself may not be the answer unless there is continuous assessment of learning, learner and work application. Linking learning efforts to development plans is another area where there is a lot of misalignment, not least because aspirations, availability of resources for learning and organizational processes are often misaligned. In this context, experts could debate around:

  1. Linking different organizational processes to create a more integrated mechanism that can deliver more effectively
  2. Key levers and metrics to make it happen
  3. Shifting mindsets from an event-based effort to more systemic efforts

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