Guest Speakers: Ajay Chowdhury, President & CHRO – SRF Limited and Himal Tewari, CHRO – Tata Power

Host and Moderator: Dolon Mitra, VP-Customer Solutions, Think Talent Services

For many employees, the current state of the workplace is depleting, dispiriting and stressful. Doing more with less often means demands are exceeding capacity, draining people of the energy needed to attain their potential. Research has shown that creating a more human, caring workplace ultimately leads to improved customer service, better health outcomes and all-around satisfaction. A more human workplace is one that promotes people’s strengths and capabilities, leading to the high levels of engagement, productivity and retention businesses need.

  1. Organizations that succeed put their employees first
  2. A thriving workforce means greater engagement of each employee’s physical, cognitive, and emotional energies
  3. Share information about the organization and its strategy
  4. Value diversity and establish an inclusive atmosphere
  5. Offer performance feedback
  6. Work-life balance
  7. Promote Positivity

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