Guest Speakers: Mussarat Hussain, Head (Leadership & HR Transformation) – Maruti Suzuki India and Vivek Marla, Executive/Business Coach

Host and Moderator: Bimal Rath, Founder & MD – Think Talent Services

Leaders have to learn at an accelerated pace in the new normal. The last year has made it even more apparent and clear. While some leaders have adapted well, there are many who are struggling to work through the new and elevated demands. Leadership roles have not only become more complex, they require juggling with many balls and dichotomies at the same time – not the easiest of the task even at the best of times. Employees and consumers, apart from shareholders and boards, have become even more demanding.

  1. What and how do leaders learn in such a scenario?
  2. How do they unlearn?
  3. How do they deal with the multiple demands, and more importantly, let go of past experience and learning?
  4. How do organizations help leaders become humbler and more open to learning?
  5. How do organizations manage consequences – in case leaders are not adapting quickly enough?

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