Creating a Self-driven Culture of Continuous Upskilling & Learning

Event 5 | Connecting the Dots

Guest Speakers:

Sarika Pradhan (GM & HR Head, POSH Chairperson – Wipro Limited)

Mahafrid Billimoria (General Manager & Head – TAS, Tata Group HR)

Host and Moderator:

Dolon Mitra, VP-Customer Solutions,
Think Talent Services

What nudges are being built within HR systems that can help encourage the self-reliant learning culture in organisations? What will it take leaders to help drive the culture, especially in economies and companies where there is a one-way dependent relationship between the employee and employer? In this context, experts could debate around:

  • Build mindsets in organizations so that they become a self-driven engine
  • What experiments have organizations tried, and what has worked or not ?

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