Supporting Agility from Within

It is a very difficult task to create a strong base with a focus on primarily acquiring talent from the outside all the time. The costs, including hidden & opportunity costs, point clearly to investing in internal talent being preferable

Podcast Season 3 Perspectives on Assessments

Perspectives on Assessments Podcast Series: Season 3 This podcast season we will try to re-visit the talent assessment scenario and how can companies and HR practitioners implement and deliver a future ready assessment solution. Listen to us on: Season 1

Podcast Season 2 : Going Virtual with Learning Interventions

Going Virtual with Learning Interventions Podcast Series: Season 2 Here is a series of conversations that enables us to look at different aspects of this challenge – how are companies and practitioners thinking about the various aspects of taking learning

Season 1 : Re-imagining Manager Capability

Re-imagining Manager Capability Podcast Series: Season 1 This podcast season We delve deeper into different aspects of this subject of managerial capability, and how organizations should re-think about it in their context. Listen to us on: Season 2 Going Virtual

Cohort-based Coaching for Middle Managers at a Leading Indian Conglomerate

One of the flagship top talent programs for a leading Indian conglomerate targets high-potential middle managers from all group companies. To democratize the capability-building process for these middle managers, we partnered with the conglomerate to implement a comprehensive cohort-based coaching

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