Cohort-based Coaching for Middle Managers at a Leading Indian Conglomerate

Category: Coaching

Client: Indian Conglomerate

Project Brief

One of the flagship top talent programs for a leading Indian conglomerate targets high-potential middle managers from all group companies. To democratize the capability-building process for these middle managers, we partnered with the conglomerate to implement a comprehensive cohort-based coaching program for a large batch of middle managers.


We have designed the cohort-based leadership coaching program to help leaders learn alongside like-minded peers facing similar challenges and conditions. Cohorts are typically composed of individuals in leadership positions from the same or different teams. Creating some sort of standard developmental experience while supporting the uniqueness of each individual is key. This approach enables us to extend the coaching experience to other leaders throughout the organization, leading to improved alignment and outcomes. Cohort-based coaching, along with digital tools and virtual methodologies, can effectively drive leadership transformation across teams, allowing organizations to benefit from shared knowledge and experience. 

Program Design

We closely collaborated with the HR team to identify a pool of relevant coaches for the cohort. We handpicked 20+ coaches with relevant functional backgrounds and experiences to coach the entire cohort. The wide pool of coaches allowed a better fit of the coach to coachee post the chemistry process. The matching process and the fit ensured a personalized path for each participant while keeping the overall coaching process consistent across the cohort.

Governance Structure

The program had a strong governance structure around quality checks, progress tracking, and development plan creation to ensure a seamless participant experience. The coaching journey was structured, including 360 feedback surveys and reflection tools to identify strengths, set goals, and track progress. The program utilized digital tools for behavioral baselining with managers and coaches and coach-coachee feedback after each coaching session.

One of the key aspects of this intervention was the process design which kept all stakeholders tied into, involved and adding to the process. The coachee, the manager, Senior Leaders, HR, and the coach – each together played an important role in this deeply integrated intervention.


The cohort-based leadership coaching program significantly succeeded by empowering participants to achieve their goals. It brought about a transformation in their mindset, leading to a positive impact on their performance. The success of this program proves that coaching platforms, virtual methodologies, and digital tools effectively transform leadership and empower leaders to reach their full potential, driving organizational success.

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