A Catalyst of Change – Ayush Sarda

A Catalyst of Change with Ayush Sarda The Sundarbans, a 4,000-square-mile swampland that straddles the India-Bangladesh border, are thought to be the world’s largest continuous mangrove forest. There are about 102 islands in the area, which is connected by a

The power of right words – Yuvraj Nathani

The Power of Right Words with Yuvraj Nathani Yuvraj Nathani, the founder of ALMA Magazine, a first of its kind creative publication, believes that “Great copywriting is more than alliterations and pretty words — it is steeped in effective marketing

Podcasting and the journey of a story – Radha Puranik

Podcasting and the Journey of a Story with Radha Puranik Radha Puranik, a journalist at Citizen Matters, loves meeting new people, conversing with them and learning their stories. This compelled her to start her podcast “Dissecting Virality”, in which she

Lights, Camera, Action! In conversation with Siddhartha Bedi

Lights, Camera, Action! In conversation with Siddhartha Bedi Siddhartha Bedi is a filmmaker, writer and director. In September of 2020, his short film ‘My Sister and Hand-me-downs’ gained massive acclaim. The Instagram stories of young people, writers and art enthusiasts

Art to Education, The Jigyasa Labroo way.

Art to Education The Jigyasa Labroo way Jigyasa Labroo, social entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Slam Out Loud, talks to us about her journey in using art and poetry as a tool to engage with underprivileged kids. Slam Out Loud, as

A tale of Madhubani and doodles with Shikha Karn

A tale of Madhubani and Doodles with Shikha Karn Shikha Karn, a Madhubani artist, video producer, and documentary filmmaker based out of Chennai talks to us about her journey, anecdotes of art excursions, and how young artists can find their

The magic of brush strokes – In conversation with Chinmaya Panda

The Magic of Brush Strokes In conversation with Chinmaya Panda Chinmaya Panda is an internationally acclaimed self-taught artist. His mastery and talent is hard to miss once one witnesses his powerful work. The subject of his art is often the

Through the Camera Lens- In conversation with Ragini Bhasin

Through the Camera Lens In conversation with Ragini Bhasin Ragini Bhasin is a filmmaker of South Asian heritage, born and raised in India. She has made award-winning films like Ghazaal, which revolves around a feisty Afghan teenager who hustles around

The way forward in content writing, with Anchal Malik

The Way Forward in Content Writing with Anchal Malik Anchal Malik is a content writing coach with over 7 years of experience in content creation, writing, and digital marketing. She coaches budding writers and people with a passion for writing –

Fitness, the Kinetic Way: In Conversation with Coach Urmi Kothari

Fitness, the Kinetic way In conversation with Coach Urmi Kothari Urmi Kothari is a fitness coach and has over 21 years of experience in fitness, sports, martial arts, professional dance, and yoga. She is a Nike trainer and a Master

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