Podcasting and the Journey of a Story

with Radha Puranik

Radha Puranik, a journalist at Citizen Matters, loves meeting new people, conversing with them and learning their stories.

This compelled her to start her podcast “Dissecting Virality”, in which she explores the content making space and nuances of contemporary internet culture.

In our conversation, she tells us about her road to becoming a confident orator — from debates, public speaking, to exposure to school activities. Once a timid toddler, her mother did everything in her power to encourage Radha to come out of her shell and be more proactive. Her love for internet content and her belief in the fact that every story deserves a medium kickstarted her storytelling journey.  

According to Puranik, scouting for people and getting them to be a part of her podcast is the most strenuous part of the process. Everything else — the research work as well as the pre and post-production work are a breeze for her. Podcasts, by virtue of being accommodative of everyone’s busy schedules, have always attracted Puranik. “If I want to be friends with them, I want them to be on the podcast” — Radha’s mantra for choosing participants is quite simple. The podcast, for Puranik, is what gives the conversations a structure and propels the participants to talk about what they love. 

The journey of starting her podcast made Radha value the virtues of Empathy, Patience and Consistency.

It taught me that the world doesn’t revolve around my calendar.

Dissecting Virality has been a course in adaptability and dependence.

Being a podcaster has helped her prioritize the most important aspects of being a journalist: that questions are the greatest tools to being successful. It has also made her value the power of time and research.

Puranik credits Covid as one of the main propelling forces behind the birth of her podcast. Sitting behind computer screens and having nothing to do all day put her in a mental and creative slump. Keeping a check on her lifestyle as well as navigating through the jobs as a fresh graduate was arduous. This was exactly around when one of her friends decided to start a podcast of his own. This was the tipping point for her and she decided to start working on the podcast, a dream that she had harboured all her life. 

“Get rid of inertia and just start. It might start badly but with time, it will get better” is Puranik’s hack to everyone who wants to work on their passion projects. 

Today, we are in conversation with her, tracing her journey of growth and self-discovery.

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