The Power of Right Words

with Yuvraj Nathani

Yuvraj Nathani, the founder of ALMA Magazine, a first of its kind creative publication, believes that "Great copywriting is more than alliterations and pretty words — it is steeped in effective marketing and clear strategic aims."

ALMA is one of Asia’s leading creative and literary publications. Traditional in some ways and unconventional in others, they admire newfangled ideas, tried-and-tested literary forms and even create visual and performing arts. Across the categories they concoct, one can find something or the other that triggers a thought or a smile.

In today’s conversation, we discuss how his independent publication has made him grow as a writer and influenced his views on people, pop culture, and art. 

An artist, a traveller and a musician—Yuvraj has always admired writing as a medium of expression and storytelling. Yuvraj’s dream of creating a home-bred, globally recognised magazine, was ignited while his friends were talking about illustrious publications, but all from abroad.

He believes in personalising a unique approach depending on the nature of the piece. The timeline, the editing process as well as the editor assigned varies accordingly.

He describes writing as an “excellent medium for producing and consuming content.” It provides writers with incredible and ‘accessible scope for creativity in terms of structure, style, and content.  The nature of the medium itself leans on the power of our imaginations. Curating a new magazine is all about balance, he observes. From editing to publishing, he makes sure that the voice and uniqueness of creators are preserved.

Running the magazine has taught Yuvraj the art of management — to get people together and make them believe in an idea.

"The journey from believing to creating is full of risks. However, if one dares to plunge in and give it their absolute best, it is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things ever." ALMA has taught him to be consistent, even when times are tough and nothing seems to be working out.

Time has made Yuvraj and his team better editors. They have acquired the ingenious and delicate skill of editing while trying to preserve the essence of each author’s writing. The process of publication and editing has picked up pace in recent times and the magazine might be heading towards a logistical change in the future. 

The lockdown gave Yuvraj the time and the mental space to come up with the idea of the magazine “Covid has been a blessing in disguise”— it helped him put together a team and kick start the entire publication. “Accommodating the needs of everyone while keeping up with efficiency has been rigorous, but worthwhile.” he says. 

“You get quality only from quantity” — being religiously consistent with writing is the only means to ensure an improvement of the quality. He urges young people to be passionate about their stories and be authentic in their creative output. 

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