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A Journey of Exploring Interests

Meet Arsh Talwar, Product Manager, talking about his transition from being an intern at Think Talent Services to a full-time position and his journey of growth & learning. Watch Video

A Journey of Continuous Learning & Perseverance

Debashree Nanda, an employee at Think Talent Services, shares her defining moments that shaped her career and helped her grow as a person over the years. Watch Video

A Journey of Honing Skills

Amartya Amitav, Senior Consultant at Think Talent Services, shares why he loves working with his colleagues and his journey from being an intern with the Think Talent family to a full-time employee. Watch Video

The Learning Landscape Model by Dr. Will Thalheimer

Dr. Will Thalheimer shares his revolutionary Learning Landscape Model for workplace learning-and-performance professionals. Based on years of research from preeminent scientific refereed journals on learning, memory, and instruction—and wisdom from the practical crucible of real…