360 Feedback Survey

Create a feedback-rich culture using our easy-to-use and employee-friendly 360 Feedback module

Module on Demand

360 Feedback Survey


A robust module designed to make the entire process of deploying and analyzing 360 feedback surveys easier for employees/professionals.
  • Secure Multi-Source Feedback

    Gather 360 feedback from multiple sources at any time during an appraisal process, or as a separate assessment.

  • Intuitive Reports

    A comprehensive standard auto-generated report with competency and statement-wise scores by relationship levels.

  • Survey Questionnaires

    The module comes pre-loaded with a set of Surveys created by experts and validated through extensive research or upload your own questionnaire with a single click!

  • Surveys On-the-Go

    Surveys supported by multiple devices to allow respondents to complete the survey anywhere, anytime on laptops or smartphones.

360 Feedback Survey Benefits


  • Meaningful and richer feedback to support employees in their developmental journey
  • Identify competency gaps
  • Increased self-awareness, by understanding how your behavior is perceived by others
  • Gain valuable insights about the performance of remote workers


Individual Feedback

Tap into our pool of facilitators to provide personalized feedback online or offline.

HR Training Workshop

Get your internal HR team trained by us on how to read the 360 feedback report and provide effective feedback.

Customization of Questionnaire

Get our consulting team to help create a customized questionnaire reflecting your internal competency/values framework or business context.

Customization of Individual Report

Tailored individual reports by our consulting team.

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