Trapped in a Managerial Role?

Understanding Career Motivators & Drivers of New Managers in India

HR Team Analyzing Career Anchors of 5000+ New People Managers

We analyzed the Career Anchors of 5000+ Professionals who had recently moved into a people managerial role.

Here's what we discovered:

Instead of ‘Managerial’, these career anchors emerged as the top 3 anchors for most participants.

Career Anchors: Top 3 Preferences for New People Managers Revealed in Bar Graph Analysis

The above chart indicates the percentage of FTMs having a specific anchor as their top 3 career anchors.

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‘Managing’ people is a top career anchor for only 23% of these
first-time managers.

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For 30% of the new managers, ‘Managing’ people was one of the three least important anchors.

Diverse professionals in office setting are discussing - Will Employees be comfortable giving honest feedback to each other?

So if getting into a managerial role is not a key driver, why become a manager at all?

From our conversations with hundreds of first-time managers, we identified the following key issues:

Alternate career paths either not available or seen as ‘dead ends’

Social pressure to be seen as ‘moving up the ladder’

Limited understanding of ‘what it takes to be a Manager’

Lack of self-awareness - feeling frustrated without understanding the ‘cause’

Effective First-time Manager (FTM) programs can proactively address this issue.

Create better self-awareness, especially around personality & career drivers

Address the ‘mindset’ instead of only developing ‘skills’

Provide more personalized support through post-program mentoring

Diverse professionals collaborate in a modern office setting, implementing a structured approach to 360-degree feedback surveys, from orientation to distribution and live launch


  • Data was collected via Think Talent’s Career Anchor tool (based on Dr. Edgar Schein’s work) used during multiple first-time manager programs over a span of 3 years.
  • The tool assesses & identifies one’s work style & dominant career anchors out of a total of nine anchors.

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