Virtual assessment solutions customized to industry sectors & organization levels, ensuring relevance & rigor.

We address various aspects when creating and deploying talent assessment solutions:

Virtual Assessments can be clubbed with our development planning and learning platform to provide a seamless experience to participants and create an integrated development journey.

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Implementing Assessment Programs – The Practical Side – I

Implementing Assessment Programs – The Practical Side – II

Virtual Development Centers

We use the Virtual Development Centre methodology to assess managerial or leadership competencies of participants:

How it Works

The competency matrix & assessment instruments (i.e. Inbasket, Case Study, Role Plays, Psychometric Instruments, SJTs and more) can be customized to client context & aligned to any existing frameworks.

Our Program Management team relies on our digital VDC platform to ensure a seamless experience for participants – for online exercises as well as exercises requiring interaction with assessors.

Our panel of highly experienced & trained assessors bring their expertise & own industry experience to create balanced participant profile reports and provide them effective feedback when required. Assessors speaking local language can be used, if required.

360 Feedback

By providing leaders with well-rounded comprehensive feedback on relevant behaviours and skills, 360 degree feedback helps them identify and assimilate their personal SWOTs and key perception gaps. We offer a comprehensive solution based on our deep expertise of leadership development.

Long gone were when companies relied on traditional quantitative assessment systems and have now drifted towards more qualitative and custom assessment solutions. 

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Resources for reference

Running Assessments at Scale - What Does it Take?

Standalone Assessment Tools

Our proprietary tools that could be used independently for a variety of applications. The most common use of such tools is large scale screening of external candidates, filtering during campus hiring and large scale developmental interventions. Benefits of such tools include:

Think Talent Personality Inventory

Career Anchors Test

Learning Agility Inventory

Digital Readiness Inventory

Cognitive Ability Tests

IDP & Development Planning

There are many challenges to creating an Individual Development Plans. From being seen more of a checkbox exercise to poor quality of development plans, following up on IDP’s become difficult. The design of our IDP processes supports the individual with regular nudges & notifications.

Resources for reference

What after Assessment? – Creating a Personal Development Plan

How it Works

Our technology platform, supported by content design capabilities, help deliver a seamless experience to participants & the administrator.

Think Talent’s proprietary standard content can be preloaded or we can incorporate client’s existing competency framework, learning goals, and activities

The HR administrator/manager can track ongoing and completed IDP’s of their teams

Individuals can add and edit goals on an ongoing basis. They are regularly notified with reminders from the system to help achieve learning goals

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