Virtual Learning

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Learning is leadership. Learning is to Survive and Thrive. Learning is about each individual in context and for the future. And unlearning and skilling has to move at a pace that is faster than ever before. Learning is often closely tied in with assessments and development planning for many of our clients, creating a single integrated intervention. Our learning design efforts are based on three core principles:
  • Ease of use, understanding and assimilation by learner
  • Practical and usable in the near future in the learner’s work context
  • Modular, allowing flexibility in learning paths

Our Approach

We view virtual learning solutions as consisting of the following 3 key elements. We have built strong capabilities in each of these elements to provide effective solutions to clients.
  • Design & Content

Our learner-centric approach allows us to bring together existing client content and frameworks, and our own content to provide relevant inputs to learners

  • Technology Systems & Processes

Our digital platforms allow us to enable virtual and gamified, yet seamless delivery of the entire learning process

  • Program Management & Support

We provide efficient program management and support services using our in-house team to support learners during the entire program journey

Learning Platform
Learn To Fit

Specially curated learning interventions. Extremely customized to organizational context and learner needs. Typically designed for middle to senior management.

Learning Journeys

Standard learning journeys created with the principles of Levels of Leadership in mind. Each journey is designed to address generic issues for a layer of managers of contributors with specific type of roles.


Standard packages for distributed workforce self study. Typically, between 180-300 minutes of self study. Each package has video-based learning content focusing on 3 or 4 areas.

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