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Key Talent Priorities

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Data Driven Hiring & Promotion Strategy

In today’s competitive industry, the right hiring & promotion strategy is crucial. Success in hiring accurately, retaining and promotion talent depends on right data. Pharma organizations are striving to improve the quality, credibility, and efficiency of talent decisions.

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Reskilling and Collaborative Upskilling

The lack of specialized programs for entry-level and first level manager level jobs widens skill gap at manufacturing side (API, Formulation, R&D etc.) Solving this issue calls for contextualized learning journeys created through partnership.

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Developing Leadership Pipeline

The industry faces a 40% talent churn rate in pharma manufacturing leadership, indicating instability, and an aging leadership, highlighting the urgent need for strategies to develop younger leaders and ensure continuity in growth.

Enabling a Global Diabetic Care Company
to leverage Assessments

for hiring and promoting its sales force across levels

We partnered with them to plan, design, and deploy multi-layered assessments for four levels of their sales force, i.e., market representatives, area sales managers, regional managers, and national sales managers. Some key highlights of the program are as follows–

  • Assessment packs inclusive of the tools, relevant content, and complexity level were designed as per the client’s work context.
  • Expert assessors curated individual reports with detailed observations focusing on the development needs of individuals along with scores.
  • The content is upgraded yearly as per our recommendation to tackle the changing work dynamics.
  • A workshop on the reliability and validity of the assessment tools was held for the client HR leaders.

Enabling a Leading Indian API Manufacturing Company to leverage Assessments

for hiring and promoting its manufacturing workforce

  • We partnered with client team to design and deliver a very contextualized assessment process
  • A detailed diagnosis was conducted by Industry SME to understand the manufacturing employee context, SOPs and talent priorities followed by this a customized assessment content was created.
  • Train the Assessor workshops were scheduled to align the internal assessors on the AC process.
  • Think Talent platform was leveraged to deploy the assessment process.
  • The process enabled organization to take data driven hiring / promotion decisions and now we cover around 200+ participants year on year basis.

Enabling talent development at all levels with 360 Surveys

for a Generics and Consumer Healthcare organization

  • We partnered with the client to design and deploy the 360 Survey as a part of larger talent review process.

  • The survey was based on client’s competency framework and covered around 400+ managers from all divisions and Business Units.

  • We co-created a contextualized communication plan along with HR team. Communication was rolled out in phased manner covering all critical stakeholders and respondent groups.

  • Post survey we supported client by providing detailed group level analytics covering various data cuts like demography, BU level results, location level results etc. followed by recommendations and presentations to CXO team including CEO & MD.

Enabling FLM Capability Building for an ophthalmic optics company

for hiring and promoting its manufacturing workforce

  • The program aimed at continuous engagement through learning activities, virtual master classes, post session skill practice and feedback.
  • Focus was to create a learner centric design. We combined industry specific examples, scenarios, cases a part of self- study courses and virtual master class.
  • We leveraged Think Talent Platform through out the journey. Program kicked-off with a development centre followed by modules in 2 phases i.e. Leading Self and Leading People.
  • The program was successfully concluded in 4 months. Establishing relevance and Seamless participant experience were two critical success factors.

Implementing Automated Assessments at Global Manufacturing sites for a Pharma Manufacturing Company

Integrating Think Talent platform with Oracle Recruitment Module for entry-level hiring

We collaborated with the client to contextualize cognitive ability test questionnaire for pharma manufacturing roles present at various locations within India and globally.

  • Assessment captured areas around numerical ability, problem-solving, logical reasoning.
  • We integrated our platform with client’s hiring platform for seamless execution.
  • A workshop on the reliability and validity of the assessment tools was held for the client HR leaders.
  • Pilot was deployed covering all zones & regions to ensure the accuracy of the test.

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