Designing Effective Development
for HIPOs

Are you prioritizing the right development themes?

We analyzed the
Competency Profiles of 2000+ High-Potential Managers from 20+ Organizations across industries.


* Data was collected through Development Centres for First-time Managers conducted by Think Talent over the past year.

* Development Centres are the most robust way to identify the strengths and development needs of participants. The findings are used to design detailed, personalized development plans.

Here's what we discovered:

Distribution of High-Potential Managers across Key Competencies basis Development Centre scores

Three professionals engaged in a meeting exploring practical considerations for effective 360° feedback survey implementation in talent interventions
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Many ‘high-potential’ managers already demonstrate fair proficiency in skills around driving results and collaborating with both internal & external stakeholders. Many also demonstrate a fair degree of understanding of the broader strategic context.

However, a large section needs further assistance to develop skills around supporting innovation & change in their teams and adopting a more customer-centric approach to decision-making.

So what should
Organizations prioritize?

Learning Programs for high-potential employees often focus on skills like Strategic Thinking, Influencing & Negotiation, and analytical tools for Decision-making.

Based on the insights presented, there may be a need for a stronger emphasis on themes around supporting self and teams through change, building innovation orientation in the team, and effective conflict management.

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