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A Day in the Week of an Employee – Tricky Thursday (Day 4)

If necessity is the mother of invention then, let’s call the crisis a catalyst for change. The disruption brought by the pandemic has helped accelerate the trends making it hard to imagine life back to pre-Covid-19 physical alternatives. We all now know that the future is DIGITAL. How will it impact our way of working, our communication, connection and creation processes? Organizations that were able to get it right were able to emerge out of the crisis quicker than their competitors. So, let’s take a deep dive into this fiasco and find out how Mohit, our protagonist of the series – “A Day in the Week of an Employee”; manages to capitalize on this opportunity to create a “better normal” for his team.

“Misty mornings are here. Seems like winter is around the corner”, smiled Mohit as he pours coffee into his favourite mug gifted to him by his team on his 30th birthday which read – ‘I am the Project Manager you wish you had’.

Indeed, a striking quote that holds true for Mohit. In the glorious 8 years of his career, Mohit managed to climb up the corporate ladder. His discipline towards his work, the relentless drive to win and most importantly his ability to create a climate where – clients, team members and management can clearly communicate with each other have been some of the salient features of his success.

As Mohit, post lockdown, need not suffer the drudgery of every morning commute, he decides to go for a jog to make the most of his time. After the run, he makes breakfast followed by a quick shower. Post that, he opens his laptop and quickly goes through his emails as usual.

The covid-19 situation is a one-of-a-kind test for humans, affecting the lives of so many people around the world at such a scale and speed. This concerned Mohit a bit for his newly hired young graduates, who recently shifted to this unfamiliar city for the job. Work was the only place where they could have found some amount of familiarity as they had no family or friends nearby.

As he ponders over this thought, he quickly connected with Jake and Lalit who lead the design functionality. Mohit’s call focussed mainly on their personal well-being and freedom to work for the team members which suited their needs while making sure that corporate objectives were met. The call lasted for an hour.

As the clock struck 10.00 am Mohit logs in to join the daily scrum meeting which was now happening over a video call. A stand-up call takes no longer than 15 minutes be it in person or over a video call.

After the daily scrum call, it was time to create project plans and tasks while working closely with the client and accommodating everyone’s priorities. Along with that, the administrative work also needed to be updated on the shared system on daily basis to ensure that the project is aligned as per the laid-out requirements.

After updating the project timelines on the shared system, Mohit takes some time out to prepare lunch. The pandemic helped him rediscover his old love for cooking. He makes himself a hummus and veggie sandwich.

Just as Mohit was relishing his sandwich, his phone started to buzz. The application encountered a production issue. He wraps up his lunch quickly and settles down in front of his laptop to investigate the issue.

First, he updates the status of the project from green to yellow. Mohit’s organization has been using a colour-coded rating system to get an easy-to-read assessment of the status of multiple projects at a glance. Green signified that the project is in line with the timelines and budgets; yellow meant that some aspects of the project needed attention while red denoted a major setback.

Once the status was updated, Mohit calls up Avni (development team member) to help him with the debugging process. As the production issue is visible to the end-user, resolving it was at the highest priority.

Mohit connects with his solution architect, Deepak. Since Deepak moved to his hometown in a remote location, his internet connection suffered to some extent. While maintaining his calm throughout the process, he allowed Avni and Deepak to take a few minutes break in between each step stress themselves out.

Finally, after a lot of coordination and patience, the issue was resolved, and the status was changed back to Green. Mohit applauded both for their resilience as well as praised them over a mail citing, “Good job guys”.

As evening approached, Mohit decides to call Sunita to enquire about the hiring process.

“Hi, Sunita! Sorry to disturb you. I hope you are still online, or I can call back later”, Mohit inquired sheepishly.

“Not at all Mohit. I am still available for an hour”, replied Sunita.

“Great! So, how are you planning on starting the hiring process?”, Mohit asked.

“Because of such massive upheaval, the job market is now flooded with applicants. We are constantly working; scheduling telephonic interviews and online assessments. Also, many decision-makers are now more readily available. Partly because the travel schedules blocking their availability have been cleared. But, now the influx of applicants is more. We will be requiring more time than usual to shortlist and assess.”, shared Sunita.

“I understand your concern Sunita. Let me know if at any stage you need my assistance”, Mohit said.

“Thanks for understanding Mohit. I’ll keep you updated.”, replied Sunita as she ends the call.

Mohit stretching his arms out goes through his mailbox one last time and updates his To-Do list for the next day as usual.

“Hmmm, what shall we have for dinner tonight?”, Mohit asks himself in excitement as he logs out of the system.

Oh, what a day.

How was your Thursday? Stay tuned for Friday in the next blog as we travel through another workday with Mohit.

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