Strengthen new employee onboarding by enabling engaging and meaningful journeys for your talent.

Core Module



Help turn an engaged candidate into an engaged employee with our fully automated Onboard module.
  • Pre and Post Joining Automated Workflows

    Improve new hire’s experience of joining process by automating key steps.

  • 30-60-90 Day Feedback

    Collect feedback from employee at regular intervals about different aspects of employee experience, organisation culture & processes.

  • Early Learning Options and Orientation Programs

    Mentoring/buddy programs to support more personalised assimilation support to new employee.

  • Organize your Hiring and Onboarding Team

    Create a successful experience for new hires and hiring team alike.

360 Feedback Survey Benefits


  • Increase in employee retention and company loyalty
  • Help new employees reach first performance milestone
  • Improve new hire productivity and performance
  • Help both the organisation and the new employee align their internal values & culture
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