Engage and connect with talent day in and day out. Foster the spirit of collaboration and drive bottom-up engagement.

Core Module



A robust module with smart features designed to simplify survey deployment process and reduce operational workload for administrators.
  • Newsletter and Internal Communications

    Bring your employees together with company announcements, newsletters, status posts and much more.

  • Engagement Surveys & Polls

    Empower your employees to voice their opinions with continuous real-time feedback in the form of a poll or survey.

  • Exit Surveys

    Give your organisation the ability to identify what actions they can take to reduce attrition and improve business continuity.

  • Detailed Analytics

    Automated analytics dashboard providing rich insights in an easy-to-understand manner.

360 Feedback Survey Benefits


  • Measure and understand engagement levels and drivers at all organisation levels
  • Improve employee productivity and job satisfaction
  • Improvement in company’s overall business communication
  • Improve decision-making on people issues
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