HR as Culture Builder

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This series of breakfast discussions was held on 30th Nov 2014.

The purpose of this series of roundtable discussions is:

  1. To disseminate ideas that will help to address and synthesize critical issues in the area of leadership development-specifically applicable and relevant to the Indian context
  2. To create a platform to bring together a group of corporate practitioners on a regular basis and learn from their perspectives-as well as share it with the larger corporate fraternity

The role of HR has significantly changed over the decades, from being just the executor of internal processes, to becoming the trusted advisor of the organization leader. As HR moves from the mandate of operational excellence to the role of organization builder, the question we must ponder is: although HR is supposed to be subject matter experts, do HR people actually have the required expertise to gear organizations and leaders for the future? And can HR expertise itself get in the way of building culture? Read More..

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