Guest Speakers: Arti Sharma, VP HR – Schneider Electric R&D and Sandip Mishra, CHRO – Prodapt Solutions

Host and Moderator: Dolon Mitra, VP-Customer Solutions, Think Talent Services

The last year has accelerated the need for upskilling and staying relevant for individuals. On the other side of the coin is the need for re-inventing business models, ensuring hybrid working, digitalization, automation and re-skilling of employee pools. Accelerating learning and building organizational capability on the top of CEOs’ and leadership teams’ agenda. How are organizations thinking about this issue and related challenges? Among others, the challenges related to

  1. Learning and development process
  2. Technology
  3. Organizational culture and mindsets
  4. The role of leadership
  5. People readiness &
  6. Practical aspects in an implementation like
    • Integrating work design, learning and people needs
    • Creating learner-centric designs

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