Taking learning interventions virtual is not new, just that the need has suddenly accelerated. Like any other organizational change process, it is complex, involving processes, technology, people, mindsets and leadership. Companies are experimenting with a wide variety of variables and how to make things work. Aspects of application, inclusivity, learner centricity, cost and effectiveness as additional dimensions to keep in mind.

Here is a series of conversations that enables us to look at different aspects of this challenge-how are companies and practitioners thinking about the various aspects of taking learning interventions virtual.

S02 Ep01: How Senior Leaders are Looking at Learning? What Role should the HR Teams Play in Promoting Learning?

While companies and leaders understand the need and utility of investing in learning, the jury is still out on effectiveness and stickiness on some kinds of learning—e.g. virtual, for certain.

  1. What are leaders expressing in terms of building capability for the future? What have they learnt through the last few months? Do CHROs still need to sell learning—especially virtual learning?
  2. If yes, then how does a CHRO go about selling the concept and implementation of virtual learning to leadership teams and boards?
  3. And how does it get established as a way of life in organizations—what strategy and tactics does the CHRO drive?
  4. How has the role of the HR team changed wrt to learning? How can they play a meaningful role in linking learning to business success?
Guest Speaker:

Mr. Vinay Razdan



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