Off-the-Shelf vs Customised Questionnaires: Which One to Use in Your 360 Survey?

Whether you use a customised questionnaire or a ready-to-use one in your 360 survey depends on a variety of factors.

When looking to conduct 360 feedback surveys, process owners often face this dilemma: should they get one of the many off-the-shelf questionnaires readily available or use a questionnaire customised to their requirements? There is also a general perception that customised questionnaires are more effective than off-the-shelf ones.

However, the trade-off is not so simple and depends on a few other factors outlined below:Off-the-Shelf vs. Customised Questionnaire

So, if you are looking to conduct the exercise for a few selected employees as part of the organisation development process, we recommend that you use an off-the-shelf questionnaire. However, if you are conducting the survey as part of a strategic initiative or as a wider organisation-wide initiative, then we recommend that you develop a customised questionnaire for the process.

With the Think Talent NEXT 360 Feedback module, we provide you the flexibility to decide your own option. The module comes pre-loaded with multiple 360 Questionnaires pre-customised to various role types within organisations. However, if you are looking to use your own customised questionnaire, the platform allows you to upload and deploy your own questionnaire using the Think Talent NEXT 360 questionnaire module.

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