Entry Level Selection at A Leading Indian Bank

To increase efficiency & operational capability, the Consumer Finance Division of a leading bank wished to optimize their recruitment process.

The high rate of expansion across the country urged the Consumer Finance Department to ditch the age-old pen-and-paper test as a hiring module. Since recruitment had been on an upswing, the HR team at the bank felt that the test was becoming a bottleneck in the entire recruitment process without adding any value.

In order to improve the effectiveness of the process, the HR team decided to make significant changes to the process and thus, move the entire process online.

This major shift in operations needed to satisfy some key requirements of the client’s team in order to be fortunate:

  1. The assessments needed to be based on competencies relevant to the banking sector.
  2. The deployment process must be simple & easy to implement, to ensure low operational workload for the HR managers on the ground.
  3. The virtual tool used for the assessment should be easy to use & understand, to ensure candidates run through the test smoothly.
  4. The platform required to be enterprise-level secure to ensure candidates and other employees could access it safely on the banks’ network.
  5. In addition to individual scores, a detailed analytical report was also required to be provided to the HR team for monitoring & tracking.

Think Talent’s project team, keeping the bank’s HR team requirements in mind, designed and deployed a new selection process based on the Think Talent NEXT platform.

Some key highlights of the solution..
  1. suite of tests, customized to the clients’ context was designed and tested through a pilot deployment.
  2. The responsible HR persons were provided direct access to set-up candidates on the testing platform and access their test scores.
  3. Candidates were given the never before available flexibility of taking the test either face-to-face in the branch, using an instruction sheet generated from the platform or take the test from another location, using an automated email. This really helped to make the selection process a smooth and easy one.
  4. customized candidate portal, with the client logo, colour theme, & specific communication was created to help the bank project a strong brand, and stand out in the competition to attract & hire the right talent.
  5. As a feature, the entire process was made as simple as possible, to ensure that the clients’ team could understand and operate the assessment. In addition to this, Think Talent Customer Support lines were available throughout the process, to address any unforeseen issues emerging anywhere in the country.
  6. Detailed reports, in addition to the online dashboard, was created for the banks’ HR team to easily track and monitor usage.

The shift from the traditional pen-and-paper version to the Think Talent NEXT Ability Test Platform, helped the client to dramatically improve the effectiveness of the entire pre-employment screening process.

Some key Success metrics..
  1. The shift from selective coverage across states to nation-wide coverage.
  2. The drastic increase in the number of candidates screened.
  3. Faster completion of pre-employment process.
  4. Better auditability & tracking from a corporate compliance perspective.
  5. A negligible number of issues escalated to Think Talent support team (from HR and candidates) even after two weeks of new process deployment.

This modern-day solution to the bank ensured that the pre-employment screening has become a more universalrigorous and value-adding process in the recruitment and talent management practice of the bank.


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