Shivkumar Swamy

A Journey of - Encouragement, Care, Support & Cooperation


I left a very cushy job where I had spent 19 years (stationed in Sweden). I was under the halo that I have studied in a very good college, but despite that I found it very difficult to keep my level of confidence up. This is because my motor coordination skills made me very conscious and dissuaded me from making the effort to take up some opportunities – the result of having Cerebral Atrophy.

I decided to move back to India to seek alternative treatments for my condition. I touched 50, & people were not so keen on hiring me. So I spent the good part of a year just searching for roles.

I finally got in touch with Bimal & he offered me a position at Think Talent, as Associate Director – Business Development.

The management team at the time taught me to focus on my strengths instead of my weaknesses- i.e. I have a good brain & a good pedigree, & that is what needs to be capitalized. While some of the tips may seem very small or inconsequential, it is these positives, that have made a sea of difference in my life.


I had to end up taking 3 – 4 month’s time off for medical reasons. I thought I would have to leave work! But the management team was more than supportive & offered to keep me around on retainership for an indefinite amount of time. They offered me this, even though I had made no commitment that I would be able to return to full-time work.

It’s this engagement that made me realize, that it is not the characteristic of just the top management but the entire organization is very supportive.

After this assignment, I was given the opportunity to encash on my sales ability & the relationships I’d built over time. I am very comfortable doing this work, & I happen to like it a lot, but this journey has not been as smooth sailing one. There have been certain goof-ups on my end. Such as, being too pushy/ following up with a client a lot- with internal as well as external customers.

The best part is, it’s not only the top management that has been a part of my coaching journey but my peers & juniors as well!

It does not matter who sits where & which team they belong to – everyone is always there to help!
This summarizes what attributes I associate with Think Talent in my mind –
Encouragement, Coaching, Caring, Support and Cooperation.
Shivkumar Swamy
Consultant - Client Engagement
Shivkumar Swamy
I have over 25 years of experiences in talent management & sales. I worked for 23 years at SKF in L&D, Change Management & Project Management. I am a certified Six Sigma Black Belt & led several projects in transactional & manufacturing (Design of Experiments, TPM & Lean) areas. In my free time, I like to read articles & Biblical stories (I am not a Christian but like the Bible), attending webinars to shore up my knowledge, organising events (Ted Talks & alumni events), learning new technologies like Augmented Reality.

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