Amartya Amitav

A journey of Honing Skills

“I had inhibitions reaching out to people within the firm for help & used to assume that my requests would add additional burden to their workload. It took a lot of coaching from the management team for me to be able to let some of those inhibitions go. I made it a point to ensure that I try to help out my colleagues and this behaviour is also reciprocated by them. Whenever I have too much work they pitch in and help, so, the inhibitions that I had with respect to collaboration do not impact me anymore."

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Amartya Amitav
Senior Consultant
Amartya Amitav
I have worked with Think Talent as a consultant & have more than 3 years of experience in organizations & consulting across areas such as HRMS, People Management Consulting, Assessments & Learning Solutions. I have completed my Masters in Human Resource Management from XIM Bhubaneswar & am enthusiastic about assessments. I champion data-driven processes & believe that the amalgamation of science & AI, philosophy & spirituality will be the way of living in the future years.

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