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Comprehensive Suite of Products covering the Entire Talent Lifecycle


Individual Contributors

Auto-scored packages focused on cognitive ability, workplace fitment & skills

Senior Managers

Function-contextualized development centers focused on leadership competencies

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Real-life simulation exercises for a variety of functions focused on assessing managerial competencies

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Team Leaders

Auto-scored packages focused on function-specific situations

360 Feedback Surveys

Senior Leaders

Structured 360° feedback to enable leaders to look at themselves through new lenses

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People Managers

360° feedback for people managers on important managerial competencies

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Sales Leaders

360° feedback for sales leaders to enable their development and growth

Sales Individual Contributors

360° feedback to enable sales executives to identify their own strengths and gaps


Employee Engagement

Focused on employee engagement level on a variety of workplace themes

Training Needs Analysis

Focused on identifying development and behavioral training needs

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Employee Satisfaction

Focused on employees' satisfaction with organizational processes

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