Assessments for Hiring at a Global Insurance Giant

A global leader in general insurance wanted to re-orient its sales channel strategy. Consequently, apart from typical physical offices and sales units, they set-up “virtual offices”- where the entire sales process is online and requires no actual workplaces or paperwork. 

The front line employee managers in their “virtual offices” are constantly on the move and must possess a unique set of capabilities, as sales in this kind of set-up is non-traditional. They must be technologically advanced and must have polished soft skills, along with being a lot more entrepreneurial and agile. These managers were required to be deep relationship builders based on personal credibility.

The design was made up of 3 key elements, which formed the core of these Assessments

1. The ability to administer and manage these Assessments virtually will enable scale, speed, and deep analytics on the go.

2. A unique structure that provides the inputs and insights into non-traditional competencies like Entrepreneurial mindset.

3. Sequentially scaled tests encourage the continuous skill up-gradation and were not limited to a one time go/no-go type testing. This meant developing an “assessment suite” with increasing levels of complexity and testing candidates over a period of time.


To deliver a competent solution, Think Talent worked closely with the client’s leadership team, the existing role-holders, and their managers to attain a deeper and clearer understanding of the role and its expectations. Based on the inputs received, the following intervention plan was created.

  1. Pre-employment selection Assessment, including a combination of Cognitive, Behavioural and Psychometric factors with a focus on eliminating poor fit candidates and shortlisting the right talent, who would get hired as Territorial Managers (TM’s)
  2. 01st Month Assessment with an aim to assess new employees at the end of the 01st month on pre-identified role-based skills with an automated Situation-Judgement (SJT) test.
  3. 02nd Month Assessment to assess new employees at the end of the 02nd month with the help of partially-automated and virtual Role-play methodology.
  4. 03rd Month Assessment which is the final assessment done at the end of the 03rd month, with stronger linkage to actual on-the-job deliverable.


The Assessment suite was designed to be competent enough to be administered to thousands of candidates over many years. Strong benchmarks were established to ensure effectiveness. A pilot was deployed to cover about 200 participants who were existing role-holders. This provided initial reliability, validated and benchmarked data, to further fine-tune the Assessment methodology. As the tests get administered to a larger population, the data is continuously being analyzed for increasing the effectiveness of the assessments.

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