Project Atlas: Our effort to help HR teams to look ahead of the curve.

What is project Atlas?

It’s our attempt to create a live library of futuristic competencies for all levels of managers. The world is changing very quickly, as is the nature of work and requirements from employees in terms of skills and capabilities. We hope that this library can be used as core in several people processes like hiring, assessments and capability building of managers and leaders.


What does it cover?

There is a defined set of competencies at three levels of management with indicators. As we created this, we discovered that the line between behavioural and functional competencies  was blurring. Many business leaders pointed out that assessing managers was not giving them a full picture of the person, and a more rounded set of things needed to be looked at beyond technical competencies. The library therefore is a unique blend of functional and behavioural competencies that aid the performance of any manager.

How can the library be leveraged?

The library can be used in many ways to strengthen HR and talent management processes. Lift and use it straight off, or modify and tailor it to the context of a particular organisation. Or use a few select competencies that are relevant for a specific level, grade, role or cohort.

There are assessments and learning programs based on this library that can be integrated with internal HR processes like hiring, promotion or development assessments, or capability building. Our team can help you with this process.

The Project Atlas framework was put through intense scrutiny by HR Heads as well as business Leaders from 3 specific sectors – IT/ITES, BFSI and Pharma resulting into a competency framework completely customised to the needs of the 3 sectors.


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