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Perspectives on Assessments

Season 3: Perspectives on Assessments

Now that we are in this new, uncharted era of work, it’s time to re-visit what assessments looks like in your organization. This rapid progress in digitalization and sudden change in ways of working has brought about a disruption in the workplace as never seen before. Skills needs are changing, and so is the future goal for an organization as well as for the individual. Organisations are now facing the real challenge of turning qualitative and quantitative information on skill needs into effective future action.

In this season of our podcast, we will try to re-visit the talent assessment scenario and how can companies and HR practitioners implement and deliver a future ready assessment solution.

S03 Ep01: Making Assessments more Human

The word virtual’s various meanings include ‘near enough’ and ‘not physically existing’. When it comes to conducting virtual assessments, we should keep both definitions top of mind. The need for accelerated digital communication throughout the assessment process is more important than ever.

Guest Speakers

Mr. Ajay Chowdhury

President & CHRO, SRF Limited

S03 Ep02: Running Assessments at Scale – What Does it Take?

Large scale assessment implies the ability to manage massive numbers of participants all being assessed at the same time. This further implies the ability to process, analyze and report on that data, as well as the organizational infrastructure to repeat the cycle over and over.

Guest Speakers

Ms. Geethaa G

Head – Talent Management & OE, HDFC Bank

S03 Ep03: Implementing Assessment Programs – The Practical Side – I

Guest Speakers

Mr. Bhaskar Das

Leadership & Assessment Expert

S03 Ep04: Implementing Assessment Programs – The Practical Side – II

Guest Speakers

Mr. Richard McConkey

Assessment Expert

S03 Ep05: Leadership Assessments – What is Different Now?

The task of leadership is getting complex by the day.

Guest Speakers

Mr. Judhajit Das

CHRO, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd.

S03 Ep06: Leaders – Assessing for the Future

Guest Speakers

Mr. Rohit Thakur

CHRO, Paytm

S03 Ep07: What after Assessment? – Creating a Personal Development Plan

Guest Speakers

Ms. Reetu Raina

CHRO, Quick Heal

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