Virtual Development Centers

360 Feedback Survey Benefits

Our Approach

We use the Virtual Development Centre methodology to assess managerial or leadership competencies of participants
  • By providing validated & detailed inputs, our assessment solutions help organizations in adding further rigor to the assessment process & make well-considered and effective talent management decisions
  • Our assessment solution, through its simplicity, rigor and modern interface, helps organizations engage participants and provide a superior experience of the assessment process
  • Our system is designed to facilitate fast turnaround time & reduce HR operational burden in coordinating the overall assessment process

How it Works?

  • The competency matrix & assessment instruments (i.e. Inbasket, Case Study, Role Plays, Psychometric Instruments, SJTs and more) can be customized to client context & aligned to any existing frameworks.
  • Our Program Management team relies on our digital VDC platform to ensure a seamless experience for participants - for online exercises as well as exercises requiring interaction with assessors.
  • Our panel of highly experienced & trained assessors bring their expertise & own industry experience to create balanced participant profile reports and provide them effective feedback when required. Assessors speaking local language can be used, if required.
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