Selection & Internal Promotion Assessments

360 Feedback Survey Benefits

Our Approach

We view the overall assessment solution as consisting of the following three key elements. We have built strong capabilities in each of these elements to provide effective solutions to clients.
  • We offer a wide range of assessment solutions customized to industry sectors & organization levels to ensure relevance & rigor
  • Our digital platforms allow us to enable virtual yet seamless delivery of the entire assessment process including participant and client team experiences
  • We provide efficient program management and technical support services using our in-house support team
Automated Assessments
  • MCQ-based assessments designed to measure cognitive ability, behavioral skills or personality elements of candidates
  • Automated scoring with instantly available scores
  • Most effective for screening at entry level or junior roles. Can also be used for hiring campus graduates at scale
Managerial Assessments
  • Virtually delivered Assessment Centers using combination of online individual exercises & exercises requiring interaction with assessors
  • Reports prepared by an experienced assessor
  • More effective for in-depth assessment of candidates for managerial or senior roles
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