Learning Programs

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Virtual Learning in our approach is not just e-learning.
It is designed to be a much more complete and immersive experience for learners.

Our Approach

We view virtual learning solutions as consisting of the following three key elements. We have built strong capabilities in each of these elements to provide effective solutions to clients.
  • Design & Content

Our learner-centric approach allows us to bring together existing client content and frameworks, and our own content to provide relevant inputs to learners

  • Program Management & Support

We provide efficient program management and support services using our in-house team to support learners during the entire program journey

  • Technology Systems & Processes

Our digital platforms allow us to enable virtual and gamified, yet seamless delivery of the entire learning process

How it Works?

We believe that successful virtual learning programs focus on learner-centric design and leverage technology to craft seamless experiences with fair degree of personalization for each participant.
  • Building Program outcomes which are relevant for participants
  • Ensuring relevance of Program content to day-to-day activities or career growth of participants
  • Providing personalized feedback or learning inputs to Participants
  • Helping participants practice new skills as part of the Program
  • Using digital tools to provide seamless experience across modules
  • Allowing participants to learn at their own pace and convenience
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