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We leverage our capabilities in Technology, Content, Solution Design and Consulting to provide high-quality solutions to organizations

Over the last decade, we have developed methodologies, playbooks, technology platforms and program management capabilities that have helped us in providing solutions across different industry segments.

Our Solution Design Philosophy

Leaders are of all kinds. Organisations need leaders at the first line of supervision, and at the senior-most levels. From new entrants in the workforce, from first-line managers to managers of managers, from functional heads to CXOs, each has a different context of operation. Each requires a different set of capabilities and capacities. Organisational effectiveness, among other aspects, depends on each leader being able to play their role to the best of their ability and is ready to take on larger roles when required. A strong leadership pipeline is a critical element for organisations to sustain and grow. Success parameters for organisations are changing rapidly. Agility in adapting to the new ask from customers, employees and other stakeholders are key. Building a digital mindset and leading multi-generational, hybrid workforces is a must for organisations of the future. We enable leaders and leadership at all levels in an organisation. Our offerings allow extremely personalised experiences for employees while enabling scaling of interventions, for rapid and consistent deployment. At the other end, deep customisation and content expertise allow for highly contextual offerings. As trusted partners, we take pride in our ways of working, hinged on simplicity, co-creation and practicality.

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Our solutions are built on principles of simplicity and practicality, mapping actual user journeys to create meaningful experiences.


Talent Assessments

Assessment solutions to help select, develop & promote the right candidates.

Capability Development

Capability Development

Development programs to build leadership capabilities at different levels.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Coaching engagements to help leaders at all levels become more effective in their current & future. roles.

Career Management

Hyper personalization of the career management process by supporting employees with modern and integrated solution.

Providing Integrated Development Experiences

Assessment, IDP and Learning have often been seen as isolated experiences. At Think Talent Services, we offer seamless & inter-connected experience to employees through a single digital interface.

Integrated Development Experience

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