Our solutions are built on principles of simplicity and practicality, mapping actual user journeys to create meaningful experiences.

Each solution is built on a integration and interplay of four elements:


Link to business challenges

Scale at optimum cost

Integrate to internal HRMS/LMS

Customize content when required

Provide deep actionable analytics

Reduce operational burden

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Assessments TT


Virtual assessment solutions customized to industry sectors & organization levels, ensuring relevance & rigor.

Our assessments can be clubbed with our development planning and learning platform to provide a seamless experience to participants and create an integrated development journey.

Learning TT


Designing interventions that create the intended impact. Our content, research, learning design & technology teams help create top class virtual experiences.

Learning is often closely tied in with assessments and development planning for many of our clients, creating a single integrated intervention.

Future Ready TT

Future Ready

Keeping employees (and ourselves) continuously ready and upskilled with new competencies and capacities is on top of every business leader’s mind.

This constantly evolving dictionary can give you some clues and planning tools for helping your workforce evolve continuously.

Leadership Development TT

Leadership Development

Leadership is about the individual and how they interact with their environment including with other human beings. Responding proactively and reacting to context is both important for leaders and leadership teams. We work with the backbone of three dimensions with individuals and teams: The Context, The Aspiration and The Journey to get there.

Career Management TT

Career Management

New generation workers are bringing with them their own mental models and values. They are also displaying dichotomies that new learning & career management models need to deal with.

Our approach focuses on hyper-personalization of the Career Management process co-created with the HR teams and the employees.

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