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Leadership Talent

Shots with TT – 9 – Perspectives on Global Leadership Talent with Krish Shankar

In our video series Shots with TT, Bimal Rath in conversation with our guest Krish Shankar, CHRO, Infosys talk about the transformations that has happened globally in organisations, the need for agile leaders, managing in…
HR Play a Significant Role

Shots with TT – 8 – How Could HR Play a more Significant Role? with Subash AK Rao

What are the significant differences in the perspectives between a business leader and an HR leader? In our video series Shots with TT, Bimal Rath is in conversation with our guest Subash AK Rao, who…
Talent Management

Shots with TT – 7 – How do you Approach Talent Management in Different Sectors? with GP Rao

In our video series Shots with TT, Bimal Rath and our guest Dr. GP Rao, talk about differences and similarities in talent management across various sectors. How different is the mindset of the talent pool…
Functional Capabilities

Shots with TT – 6 – Perspectives on Functional Capabilities in Organisations with Amitava Mukherji

What is the importance of building functional capabilities for the growth of an individual? How are we creating aspirations in an organisation for people to pick up new functional skills and expertise? In our video…