Competency Assessment of Key Employees Using Virtual Development Center-05


How often do HR professionals put in time and effort, only to have the effectiveness of their talent processes compromised?

Organizations work hard to meet talent development needs. Yet the challenges of bridging skill gaps and improving pipeline flows get partially addressed. Well-intended talent management practices often fail to be effective at the ground level.

Well, the good news is that modern leaders recognize that people and collective capabilities are the fundamental elements at the heart of the issues that ultimately drive profits, customers, and growth. Structured assessments across the organization, i.e., multi-layered assessments, can be a critical talent process that allows for an integrated way of developing people and capabilities. In light of recent global disruptions, a change in mindset toward managing assessments has become indispensable. Talent-first organizations are, in fact, proactively deliberating on devising better methods for managing multi-layered assessments.

Two of our clients, leading multinationals, targeted to transform and simplify their existing assessment landscape. Download the PDF to read more about how we partnered with them to rethink effort optimization, reimagine the big picture, and reinvent the multi-layered assessment process.